Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Church vs Kingdom

Body of Christ:

the word Church is 1st mention in Matthew 16:18.

the definition of the church in this dispensation is simply the body of Christ we dont need to go in greek,hebrew to find out the meaning on it.the King James Bible clear as crystal in Col 1:18-19,Eph 1:22,23,5:23,1 Cor 12:12,13,27 it refers to His body which is the church.

Christ is the head of His body(Eph 1:15-23)

-The body of Christ is the fulness of Him that filleth all in all- Eph 1:22-23
-The body of Christ is the literal though spiritual body.
-the body of Christ recieves members by a baptism perform by the Holy Ghost-1 Cor 12:13,6:3-7.


this is literal,visible,physical,e
arthy Kingdom which is will happen in the future.doctrinally speaking we are not in the Kingdom yet,we are still living in this stink,wicked world where satan is the king.

what are the facts?

1.O.T scripture teach that there will be earthy,visible kingdom- Dan 7:13-14,2:34-35,Jer 23:5.
2.wisemen knew about it- Matt 2:1-11
3John the baptist preach about it-Matt 3:2
4.Christ Himself preach it- Matt 4:23,9:25.
5.the 12 was comission to preach about it only to the jews-Matt 10:5-8.
6.Some of the jews desired Him to be their King-Jn 6:14-15,Acts 1:6.

Church vs Kingdom

-Christ is the head -Christ is the King
-Christ was presented as -Christ will be presented as a glorious King
a suffering saviour
-Christ bear's the cross -Christ wear the crown
-Church it is a mystery -is not a mystery
-All members are blood washed -Not all are saved spiritually
-The operation in the church -Through the law
is through grace.
-is now -is future

The only way that the world can see Christ is through His body which is the church.

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