Thursday, 12 February 2009


The Title "Brother" once I wore
But that can satisfy no more.
Since on my journey up to fame,
They added “Reverend” to my name.

Right, “Reverend”, then 'twas very right,
Thrilling my soul with pure delight.
Now they call me Doctor, oh how I love it!
No other title is above it!

Never was I thrilled like this before
I got it in a camp meeting and put it on my door.
They added Doctor to my name,
Now I know I will never be the same!

So call me Doctor, Man Alive!
On my ego I must thrive.
At conventions and camp meetings I will Shine;
Praise the Lord the title’s mine!

Once I was humble, now I'm proud,
Walking erect with the Doctor crowd.
Surely the world hath need of me;
A man of the cloth with a nice degree!

The Apostle Paul knew no such bliss,
For he never had a title equal to this!
I tell you brother, I'm not the same
Since they added “Doctor” to my name.


  1. It's alright, Jazer, sometimes things happen that we can't control. We just have to remember that Jesus Christ 'sticketh closer than a brother' and if we need ever need Him, He's right there waiting. Thank you very much for the music. Keep the faith and keep stong,


  2. Hey Jazer! How have you been? I hope all is well...